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Fun way to tell your fortune like Sakura did. Amaze your frineds telling their fortune with this app. Explore every existant Clow Cards (52) and spend a lot of time reading all posts.

If you make a steady effort, you will be freed from all pressures. When you don't make a steady effort, it is a sign of pending troubles. Be careful to pay attention to personal relationships, including romantic ones.

You will be thanked for taking the lead without hesitating, and for going through a lot of trouble for people. Physical strength and willpower are enhanced, and a current misfortune can be fixed.

Are there any expenses that were planned out or did you just spend recklessly on desires? Even if a plan fails, continue making steady efforts and wait for the next chance.

The goal is just ahead. Spiritual strength is tried as a result of the internal fight with yourself. Keep running as fast as you can, even if it is a little painful. Afterwards, happiness awaits.

Lack of concentration. You are envious of others and view things and goals in this negative way of thinking. This disturbing mood makes you do useless shopping.

You seem fatigued due to neighborliness. Yet, do your true feelings take on the opposite meaning during communication? First, call out to the person with “Good morning” or “Good afternoon”.

Operating as a team rather than by yourself will bring you more luck. Every member should contribute what he/she is good at in a give-and-take fashion. Abundant personal connections will become your fortune.

Our existence consists of continuously improving ourselves through our experiences– always progressing. It’s important to enjoy the moment to the best of your abilities.

A special person that softens your heart just by being near you. Your work evaluation seems to rise quickly if you use your cheerfulness to the best of your ability. Your love life can be kept at a stable state for a while.

It becomes possible to express what you want to convey freely when you learn to respect the opinion of the other party. Plan something new with your friend–it would be good for you to go on a trip.

Even if your honesty seems to be quiet, everyone recognizes it. If you serve your role properly in life, good news may come unexpectedly.

Your inquisitive mind and daily efforts will become combined , and not only will your wish come true, but you will also obtain a high position job. Hereafter, aspects concerning work and love are enhanced more and more.

If you can’t make it to a scheduled event, and there’s no time to arrange it at a different time, take a short little break. Think about the following: Are you stubborn? Do you consider the other party’s feelings? Are you cowardly?

You have a tendency to only notice changes on the immediate surface of things and to ignore reality. Even if the environment of your life and work change, don’t forget that everyone has the power to adapt.

Lucky fortune approaches. All hesitation is lost, and what you should do naturally appears before your eyes. The most important point is to firmly prepare yourself.

Your so-called sixth sense is good, and you can obtain important messages from your premonitions / precognitive dreams. Or, there’s a suggestion to regain the importance of having a dream, to regain some room in your heart.

At this time, your desire to learn will be intense. There’s also a good chance for you to LEVEL UP–improving every plan and possibility in the process. An unexpected accomplishment might take place involving an impossible (in your opinion) love/relationship or a dream/goal of yours.

You have your ups and downs, but ultimately you’ll be able to step forward. If you are looking for an advisor to help fix a soured interpersonal relationship, turn to the magnanimous ocean.

Time will test whether you will be able to control your explosive, violent emotions. You will be able to come up with idea after idea; your unique sense of existence is appealing.

Suppressed emotions and fears will come bursting to the surface. You may encounter severe problems. To improve your situation, you need to stop being pessimistic and be more assertive of your opinions.

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