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Conspiracy Keanu

Conspiracy Keanu

What if the light I see at the end of my life... is the beginning of a new life within my old life?

What if the first person who ate poison berries was allergic... and we are all missing out on a delicious berry?

What if my Facebook friends... conspire together so they all change profile pic at the same time?

What if conspiracy theories are invented... to take our minds off real problems?

What if I’m sexy… but I don’t know it?

What if Déjà Vu meant you lost a life… and you’re just starting back at your last checkpoint?

What if there is air in space… and the government just doesn’t want us to escape?

What if the CIA invented dinosaurs… to discourage time travel?

What if the blue you see… is not the blue I see?

What if cats have their own Internet… and its full of pictures of us?

What if Keanu Reeves made this meme… to become an Internet celebrity again?

What if my toys play dead when I’m around… but talk and interact with each other when I’m gone?

What if all the people who tell me aliens don’t exist… are aliens who just don’t want me to find out their undercover missions?

What if poop is actually delicious and nutritious… and food companies just say that it’s bad for you so you would buy their product?

What if oxygen is poisonous… and it just takes approximately 80 years to kill us?

What if intelligent people created YOLO… to kill off all the idiots?

What if the sky and constellations is just a hover dome like on the hunger games… and we’re just experiments in some bubble universe where they feed us all the information we have and make us think we discovered it? And no one ever went to space because space isn’t there, and they made all that footage up. That’s why the stars are always in patterns, because it’s just a HOLOGRAM!

What if computer viruses… are really made by anti-virus software companies to make money?

What if I'm actually attractive... and hot girls just think I'm out of their league?

What if I’m retarded… and my parents just paid everyone to play along so I am happy?

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