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Food to your brain

Manufacturing machines which are user friendly will easy the work of a woman in agriculture

Never talk about someone behind her/his back because that's where you will forever belong

The mistake made today it's the future experience

If you can't see yourself beautiful nobody else will. Be proud of who you are!!

Love runs the world

Love runs the world

Marrying a person whom you have built a friendship before reduce chances of getting divorced

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow because yesterday is gone!!

Love is not about how many times you have pronounce "I love you" but how you prove it with you actions

Don t rely on anyone for your happiness and be the best you can be

Don't rely on anyone for your happiness and be the best you can be

Shake the unknown people's hands on the streets and see how many will smile back at and how great you will feel.

Whether your black or white, Muslim or Christian, Boss or employer your shade remains black

It always get worst before it's get better

The strongest doctor to your challenges is faith.

You don't know whom you might change his life with your genuine smile. Keep smiling day and night.........

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