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"Hay amores tan fuertes que solo la muerte Los separa"

"Love without be lover is an illusion that make you think about twice"

Love is not just a feeling, love is.... Fear, lonely, alone, fragments of peace, worries, patient, courage, honesty, loyalty, laugh, sadness, wake up mind, and much more...

"Nuestro creador los hizo a semejanza suya con mucho amor, si amáramos como el nos ama este mundo sería un río de amor"

Life with out love is like a book with not words.

"The natural give you the most wonderful way to love the only thing you have to do is look deep with your heart and love"

Recordar es vivir, siempre y cuando te haga feliz...

"If you want to be remind just love with passion, courage and sincerely, be you always"

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