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Halloween 2014

Have you decided what are you going to do for fun this Halloween? Here are some interesting ideas for the upcoming festivity! In this app you'll find: +Fun Facts about the holiday +Truth or Dares +Pranks +Halloween Jokes +Pumpking Carving Ideas Enjoy!

Why couldn’t the ghost see its mom and dad? Because they were trans-parents!

Which ghost is the best dancer? The Boogie Man!

Truth: When have you had to walk away in shame? Dare: Do 5 push-ups.

Truth: What do you think is your best feature? Dare: Make a funny face.

Truth: If you changed your first name what would you like to be called? Dare: Sing an embarrassing pop song.

Truth: Out of all the people in this room, who do you hate most and why? Dare: Make a funny face.












Get bloody! Any situation with a lot of blood is a really good prank.

Hide something scary in the toilet and close the lid...

Put on a scary mask and wake up your significant other. Boooo!!!

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