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Let Go and Let God.

Rejoice in the Lord, and be thankful for all he has done. '" Lord, continue to work on me, create in me a clean heart and renew my spirit, so that I may see the joy of your salvation,blot out all my transgressions, in other words Lord have your way with me. Amen'".

How to love others? Well, I am struggling with that very thing, your input is most welcome.

The Lord said ; Be still, and know that I am God . Read about The Rewards of Patience in: Hebrews: 6:13-15

Do you trust in the unseen? Though we can not see the Lord, doesn't mean he is not there, because without him there is no life.

Is salvation enough ? Read Romans: 14:7-12 ; We trust in God our personal Savior, and yet we continue to live in rebellion against Him. Why is that? And ask yourself is Jesus Christ the lord of my life?

Understanding God's Will Colossians: 1:9-12 The scripture is God's primary means of communicating to us.

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