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Green Meadow

Iam doing my first yule this year .i cant wait Make a nice dinner Whole chicken Yule log cake Return of the sun bread And who knows what else. Yule is my christmas this year. Come on dec 21

Over come bitterness My anger will die In a blink of an eye With this bread Heal my heart and my head.

how to make witch balls

Fridays day will have its trick, The faitest or foulest day of the week,

Trust a witch, Also known as a wise woman.

I love my tarot cards they tell me all i need to know

I don't want to be meadow I just want to be me

I love my cat, he just wanted to get in the way so I would feed him.

Junguaian Tarot by Robert Wang

Iam a Tarot card reading, Candle making kind of girl girly!

My pendulum

Christmas is a Pagan Celebration - The History of Christmas

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