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"And then I met you ..πŸ’šπŸ’œ"

If I was a bird id fly the distance between us. Then non existent wall would be no more. We could glide together flying higher than we ever have before. Reaching above all odds ...

Let's pretend were an ocean. I'll be the wave you be the water.. Your love all around me each rushing wave my huge heart beat🌊 together we are amazing .. Together make something better. Let's pretend I'm the sky.. You most certainly would be my sunshine. To forever turn darkness into light. Let's imagine an emotion. Greater than love this one has no chance of pain.. No risk only adventure.. I look at you and wonder.. Should playing pretend be over? Should I step out and strive for something real? Then you look to me and I smile.. In that moment I know the truth! Playing pretend is useless because I have you ❀️

Unfelt love letter πŸ’œ I love you more today than I did yesterday and with everyday my love for you grows. Your like the ultimate dream that became my reality and boy do I enjoy letting it show. Our love has consumed me like a wildfire deep within my soul, you bring out the best in me... I feel so complete, without You I don't feel whole. Your all I've ever wanted and far beyond all that I'll ever need. Your like my never ending sunny day; no chance of rain, sleet or snow.. Only endless happiness and joy, my magnificent breath taking rainbow. I fear no struggle in life and dare sorrow to try to cross my path. With your hand in mine the world is ours at last. We are now free to land of never ending happiness and our perfectly amazing sweet romance.

The lesson Ryan Blue taught me. I learned a lesson today from someone who I will soon consider close, the importance of second chances after all it should be given more than most. Open minds he showed is worth while ... every minute, every second dear goodness the hours start to pile, Ryan Blue ladies & gentlemen has showed to be worth while. The plans, promise and compassion i've grown to enjoy indeed... Ryan Blue ladies is all one of us would ever need. I look forward to seeing his future unveil.. for it will shine very bright compared to the North Star since they're symbols of hope, he just like it is most defiantly a wonderful eye catching site. No turning back or looking away this boy will be a shock and aww... Many lessons to be learned .. Perhaps one of the wisest of us all. I ask myself the simple question how did all these thoughts come to be?!.... Then I remembered it's the lesson Ryan Blue taught me.

Yet again I catch myself writing about Ryan Blue

Yet again I catch myself writing about Ryan Blue.... The pages start to fill and I flip them back and forth several times ,because it seems so unreal. The amazement he leaves me in daily, the constant light he carries, the hope for far greater then ever imagined, the reality that I have a manhattan. The joy he leaves me daily. The way our friendship has truly changed me... The way my heart beats at the end of everyday while I start to day dream away. Nothing rushed between Ryan and I.. For this isn't at all child like. The inspiration in those texts, the way he gets my head thinking of what to accomplish next as I wait the next dream to find it's way into my mind to set. The marvelous city deep within those blue eyes.. The way I know id hate goodbye... The man himself is a mystery to me.. For how could it be, all my dreams right in front of me.. These foolish words filling this page.. The way I know I must walk away. How deeply I care for Ryan Blue.. How amazing he is it's all far beyond my dream come true. His non emotional sense and my emotional touch can not meet but who could deny this when it's the way he makes my heart beat. I will achieve many goals.. I will hold prestigious titles but from this day forward my favorite will remain the same.. Ryan Blues good friend and DeKnisha's my name.

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