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Life is not about extravagance, materialism, or money. Its about loving the people that matter most because you will never know if you will see them tomorrow. Because Life isn't easy, and never will be, so take the good with the bad and just focus on getting through the day and seeing tomorrow I'mPossible

Respect is earned not a given! #Fanie

Many times we get confused about the true meaning of love and the context in which we use it. #Fanie

Good Morning Sweet Thing!! Miss you terribly! #Fanie

We are defined by our choices! #Fanie

I'm not jealous. I'm territorial. Jealous is when you want something that's not yours. Territorial is protecting what's already yours! #Fanie

You can't hold on to someone that has let go! #Fanie

We do not see things the way they are. We see things the way we are. #Fanie

It's difficult to be positive when a psychopath is sleeping with your husband!! They are truly fools at heart, for inflicting pain like that is the ultimate proof! #Fanie

You've already made that decision, which add insult to injury, to ease your guilty mind! If that's even possible... #Fanie

Men of substance don't stay with women that are physically beautiful. It takes an inner beauty to make true love last #Fanie

Some things are beyond your control! Once a cheat always a cheat! #Fanie

When he begs to stay and you say go go go......must not have anywhere he wants to go.

A truly beautiful woman is one that doesn't know just how beautiful she truly is.

If you have insecure personal feelings about your looks, sending texts and quotes in reference to same shows you that you still have those damn insecurities!! There is always someone that is prettier than the next.

Being quite are part of the deepest love.that love can be undisputed for pain.pain that comes deeply from giving understanding and more loving,that they abuse it.we can handle it by care love we can handle it by more love.pain to love and to be more love is painful.

I can t stand to fight for your love since you leave me in the middle of nowh...

I can't stand to fight for your love since you leave me in the middle of nowhere.u stole my vain to fall again.never say I'm sorry.because you are my biggest misery that happen to me...cydle21

No family is perfect......We argue, we even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is family.....the LOVE will always be there!

Love does not equal lust!

Did he talk to her about me like he talks to me about her! Does it matter, lies lies lies!

Don't be a Fool and believe a cheating mans lies!

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