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About us how else have come face to face do many problems and sacrifices. And always our love gave us the strength we needed to not fall. But now finally there is something in the way of our love that we find difficult to push through. Maybe our love just not as strong as we thought or it has faulted.

You think lm a fool I don t notice the new avenues you now consistently ex...

You think lm a fool, I don't notice the new avenues, you now consistently explore. Yet to my face you deny. You have made these false authentic friendships of hopes and lies. In silence l hold on to my pride. And think of us and the times. Has it been lie. I never thought you to be so cruel. Just because my love is real and true to you, I'm not your last resort or your fool,


I know

Everyday we are together yet we have fallen so far apart

Everyday we are together,yet we have fallen so far apart. We live everyday as strangers.

Love the one that has always accepted you and all up your faults. She is the one your with now.

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