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Think about it...

Daddy's Girl

Caught my daughter takin a selfie... WOW!!!

My daughter let me down today... She told me no!!! Yeah thats my twin...

What does Cocaine and love have in common? There both highs that dont last long...

When a woman says dont worry its only businessim just networking, leave immediately she's putting your life in danger.... hiv and aids has business also...

Conversation is the key to stopping and starting any of all arguments.....

The only time someone tells you that they care is when you tell them that you don't care anymore...Bishop JT

Why are so many obstacles placed around you when you actually try to do right.... Bishop JT

Many times your reaction makes you seem like a liar.... If you didnt lie why react??? SUGAR BEAR

All times you can only depend on yourself... trust and believe everyone you thought you love and trust will let you down... I PROMISE.... LET DOWNS AND DEATH BET ON THEM YOU WILL WIN EVERYTIME...J.T.

Pain +feelings÷love×hurt=family/friends.... they will hurt you everytime... Thats one thing you can count on...J.T.

Its good to have tough skin... No one can hurt you if you dont allow it,you have to give them permission first... Dont accept it and no one will be able to hurt you.... Sugar Bear

Its lonely regardless... I promise you that...Sugar Bear

Hurts soooooooooo bad

Why is it that a White woman makes her man want to do better,and a Blackwoman makes him want to kill his self??? Black women please take notes!!! SUGAR BEAR

Why does enduring pain hurt so bad but your the one that loves dishing it out???If one would be just as quick to forgive just as fast as to recipricate hate the world would be perfect...PRIEST PETE

What it is,is what it was and it was is what it would have been if it wasnt what it is....BISHOP J.T.

Why are we to believe we exsist after death if we didnt exsist before life???NOTHINGNESS WE CAME FROM AND NOTHINGNESS IS WHAT WE WILL SEE WHEN WE DIE...BISHOP J.T.

Who would you give your soul to JESUS or SATAN if either one showed you they exsisted??? BISHOP J.T.

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