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Daughter We have special memories full of happiness

Daughter, We have special memories full of happiness. There's no one else more genuine and precious than my one and only daughter, there's no treasure any where to equal what you mean to me. I love you, respect you, and always thinking of you. Between mother and daughter is something to count on forever. Remember that i'll always love you. Happy Birthday Daughter...

Birthday - Mother s Day

Birthday - Mother's Day..... You're my daughter, Today is your birthday & it's mother's day also, you're a beautiful person a wonderful daughter, mother. You're more than i'd hoped any daughter, mother could be, you adds the warmest glow to the days we spent together, i'm so glad we have each other, because I simply can't imagine my life without you. You've made a difference in my life. You're my daughter, mother, friend for all seasons. They' re priceless moment you'll treasure all life through the growth of your daughter's. I Love You Forever....MOM

It s your birthday today you re no longer grandma baby you re grandma big g...

It's your birthday today, you're no longer grandma baby, you're grandma big girl:) you would say to me. I'm glad you're my granddaughter. No word can ever quite convey. Let's celebrate you for everything you're- know i'm forever great full you're my granddaughter. I Love You Very Much

Mother s Daughter s & Granddaughters likewise Who s always there to hear us...

Mother's, Daughter's & Granddaughters likewise, Who's always there to hear us out....

Quiet time is Spending with the one you love

Quiet time is Spending with the one you love. Quiet time is enjoying the company you're with. Quiet time is relaxing. Quiet time is looking into each other eyes and don't say a word just a smile. Quiet time is having some peace of mind. Quiet time is having a glass of wine. Quiet time is going to bed together and waking up on a sunny morning and knowing today is our Quiet time together :):)

Dreaming about you my love Sleeping or awake i m dreaming of you

Dreaming about you my love, Sleeping or awake i'm dreaming of you. When i'm awake I feel like i'm dreaming. When i'm dreaming I feel like i'm awake. I asked myself with a smile what's dreams? My answer was joy, memories and images of our love for each other. When we lay beside each tonight let's continue dreaming of our love for each other..

I m soooo glad that we re friends no words can ever quit convey

I'm soooo glad that we're friends, no words can ever quit convey. I love you so much and great full for our long lasting friendship.....

Friendship last Forever Like true love last a lifetime!! I m glad we re frie...

Friendship last Forever, Like true love last a lifetime!! I'm glad we're friends :):)

Vodka is a drink that s

Vodka is a drink that's A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y

Mother s love is always true

Mother's love is always true, Mother's love can never compare with another, Mother's treats us with love and respect, Mother's make you smile, Mother's bring out our sentimental thinks, Mother's feels your pain. Mother's is our best friends. Mom thanks for giving us life... Happy Mother's Day, I Love You.....


M-O-T-H-E-R-S M - Mothers loves never end O - Only she's growing old M - Mothers hugs and kisses last a lifetime. MOM - They do wonderful things for you every day

Wishes for my friend

Wishes for my friend :):) Because you're my friend...... I want you to shine brightly, I want you to blow gently in the wind.... You're all thing beautiful and bright. I will ask the Lord to bless you and bring lots of sunshine on your birthday!!! Wishing You Happy Birthday

No man No cry

No man No cry...... Bob Marley say No woman No cry, Don't shed No tears. We cried when we're hurting, missing, thinking, or just saying to yourself what a lost to this world you're gone from us. I am a man crying lots of tears, i'm listen to your song. No woman No cry, what about No man No cry..... LOL.... With tears in my eyes!!!!!

Love is like Seasons

Love is like Seasons.... Wind blows in all directions, rain falls in Spring, flowers bloom in Summer, leaves falls in Autumn, snow falls in Winter..... That's love it comes and go like seasons....

Fell in love at first sight Motherhood is a choice you make every minute

Fell in love at first sight, Motherhood is a choice you make every minute. There are not enough words I can say to describe how important you're to me. Your heart is a special place for me! I Love You MOM Always

You heard the saying I left my heart in San Francisco I want it back to gi...

You heard the saying, I left my heart in San Francisco, I want it back, to give it to someone else, it's been too long without one!!!

Finding Our Eggs

Finding Our Eggs Aww! You're so sweet, A chicken for Easter, What's next? I will tell you later after they get off our eggs, What eggs? The ones they're hidden under there stomach! Is that where you hide our easter eggs? Yes our breakfast. Happy Easter Sweetheart

Didn t get drunk Got mellow Swear I didn t drink the Dawn Ultra

Didn't get drunk, Got mellow, Swear I didn't drink the Dawn Ultra..... Just washing my glass to start all over:(:(

It s April Fool s Day But why only today??? In my mind everyday is April Foo...

It's April Fool's Day, But why only today??? In my mind everyday is April Fool's Day. We fool ourselves everyday!!

Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish I'm glad we're friends, Not because we don't talk on the phone or texts each other everyday. We recognize each other special Occasion like this one..... Have a Fantastic Day.... Happy Birthday With Love:):)

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