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The heart!!!

The trouble with love is ???

You'll always think your ugly But he makes you feel beautiful Then the day comes when he breaks all your walls you bulid to save you from heart breaks four world sends you world crushing down Then you give him your all Then he leaves you with a breaking heart and walls you have to rebuild!!!!!

I will always love you ", you say then that's when u break me........... when you walk away I feel as if my heart will always be broken as I watched you walk away feeling as if ever step you took you taking my heart with you

I hate you........... But I know deep down I will always love you!!!

Me: why are you doing well this i thought you said forever Him: I can't do ythis with you any more you hurting I get it but me and you will never work if you don't open up Me: I can't sorry Him: well I guess this is goodbye He walks always and then you realize some thing as he's walking Me : Wait!!!....... He stops and turns around Him: what? Me: I never told , you say while ythe tear steam down your face, your waiting for him to say it back........ As you look up at him he's gone , he left and you feel as if he took your whole heart with him

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