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Hello fellas I'm Sharon Gutierrez. One of my favorite things to do is doing arts and writing. Specially poems and quotes. I can put out my real feeling into writing. If I feel love ,hurt and happy, wondering about life and everything you can easily tell with my works. It reflects always. I believed our works is the mirror of our inner selves. Thank you I wish that you guys will love my works. You can fallow me to at g+ and facebook.


ONE DAY By Sharon Gutierrez One day in a place of such beauty You and me will be tie in eternity With pure endearment of thy heart We will be together as one One soul in a fields of gold One heart in a beach of blue One love in a red , white rose We will dance in one tune When the music echoing in every room Every hymn ,pitch, and tempo Will be perfectly align And every sorrow, aches and pain become divine There is no hurt But a joyful heart Everything about the past We will forget In a valley of love We will lay Leaving? We do not! Fate and destiny I don't know about this But faith in you That's the only things I knew


A REAL CHOOSE By Sharon Gutierrez Your hand on my hand I feel the heat When you withdrawn it Leaving a cold... invisible print Desire and love like investment, ; means risk For decisions is part of sensation Who knows what comes next. To choose is never a casual act A matter of right and wrong Wise and mature Gain and lose I have unwrapped myself Naked and shameless Accepting the fact You leave a great impact If I hold back My heart will remain empty A real choose Is like a high cost With no interest A real choose Is like a lend , can't expect the exact payment Yes a real choose Is like heaven and hell


ANY DOOR By Sharon Gutierrez Often, I asked who is this stranger? Came into the season of my folded heart Gently reaching towards me With a silently mouthed hello Those eyes gently sucks me into the world I cannot flee A kiss , how warm and passionate That even thread in my brain - broke I feel your language and watch the layer of your defenses, become thinner Known exactly what you felt with the slight pressure of my kiss You almost lost... I feel how you control the urges from within Hands that breathe, warmth and moist Attentive to the quietest heartbeat But I choose not to My wish is not to conquer But to share My key to your remain,always with you Any door you open I shall gladly walk through As for myself My locks grow weaker


THIS IS LOVE By sharon gutierrez Nov 19 2012 I don't need to think Or space to study My love is sure Clearer than water Shining like a sun Beautiful like a moon Undefineable How come these two souls From miles away Feel this way It's magic This is love You don't need eyes to see things ,just heart to feel it Is it fate or destiny? Whatever you call it I know and I feel this is love


MOTHER By Sharon Gutierrez Jan 27 2013 My mother is my jacket and sweater in times of my chiliness Her words is my food when I'm hungry with advice Her love is like river never ends Her hands is like a music in my ears Can heal any pain and wounds And touch every inch of my soul She's like a hair brush for my hair She can easily fix any tangles in my life With proper and kindness of her words Life is like an everyday miracles She's like my chocolates Sweetener to my bitter life She's like my coffee in every morning, when the sun shines starts Part of my system Days will never be completed Without the blend of her love Or a single stir of her touch in my cup A brown sugar to my black coffee life.


CANVAS By Sharon Gutierrez Jan 2013 We're like an empty canvas Plain as nothing Until you came along You painted a sun as a shining delight Then we painted a stars witnesses to our ever dearest love But suddenly storm came by With a big blow of a gale But you moved like a lightning of Zeus. Carrying a rainbow With a smooth stroke of your brush , all the blue turn into amazing shades. Oh what an art of love! That nobody can define. And the artist Is only you and me


IMAGINATION By Sharon Gutierrez By the power of imagination We are under by spell Our minds are languished Heat susurration echoing Every touch,every kiss , every moves of your hands Prelude sounds of our bodies Fugue of hymn and cymbals I am your violin Waiting to be play upon Slowly you fining the tune of my body,tentively testing the chords Then gently plucking at the strings..listening for the mixes of sounds Underneath thy flesh We're like candles burning in our own fire with angels sounds I am your violin as your bow glides over mine Heaven and earth are singing Until the soft humming Become a duet Explodes in a symphony of drums and bass Yes! By the power of imagination we are singers of our own compositions And lovers of our own hymns of love

Your Voice

Your Voice By Sharon Gutierrez 2011 Your voice was masculine Yes,honeyed with concern Voice like melody That sweetly play in tune Your voice is sweet Sweet like roses in the rain Splendid as nature What a lovely voice ! So cool So calm , so bright Like a song of nature Natural and pure

A poem to someone. A friend

A poem to someone. A friend

I got a sweet a magic words inside has a power to dry your tears put you in...

I got a sweet a magic words inside, has a power to dry your tears ,put you in a place that being alone- have no space.. Magic words that can change your life ,but still keeping it tight, beneath my heart waiting for a perfect time. I love you. ~ sharon

Blood is my ink

Blood is my ink Pen is my heart Paper is my soul I called it my poetry ~sharon Gutierrez

I ve never been so scared like this there are words I wanted to speak out an...

I've never been so scared like this ,there are words I wanted to speak out and shout aloud ,but then again heart covered with fret and fear ~sharon gutierrez

April 25 2014

April 25 2014 Love behind the Bruise The smell of your skin still in me Every touch... You touched my world Every kiss...You kissed my soul Every embrace... You embraced my life The Love you gave... It's as high as a mountain Harder to climb even harder to reach Everything we had will never die Such a beautiful thing I can turn away from the nights and days But my tears had to pay You started the day You ended my tomorrow You made my world a summer day, with a ray of light of the golden red sun And broke it with cold and bitter night and Drowning myself in infinite sadness and melancholy.

Nameless Emotion

Nameless Emotion By : sharon gutierrez June 25 2013- inside the hotel Pudong shanghai Today my feelings uncertain As weather in it's pale and heavy clouds In the a midst of three boughs Tree benches under those trees Wet and color's fade Flowers which the winds has shaken Soon filled again with rain So does my heart fill slowly with tears Until I return Desire to be home Is like sunset ,requires for a patience Till I return ... Passionate arms from you beloved- vanished Till I return... Speech of glory and blessing will begun again

Your Love is a Science of Life

Your Love is a Science of Life by :Sharon Gutierrez Your love is like a sun The central of my life Provides lights and energy To my wounded broken heart Rising from your origin Falling to my beginning Your love is like a smooth ball of fire Burning all the shadow of thy past Turning into ashes of dust Your love is like air Invisible gaseous substance Surrounding the earth I cannot see it But I can feel it in my breath Your love is like oxygen and nitrogen Soul awakener Your love is like water Forms in different stages Either it is solid Liquid or gaseous Still H2O of my life

Just A feeling

Just A feeling By :sharon gutierrez June 23 2013- inside the train from Guangdong China to Pudong Shanghai I felt within Edges of forest Edges of desert The broken stairs Distances, a million miles from you beloved No easier nor quicker passed The impracticable hours The unbroken pain inside thy soul The broody east bowed low before the blast In patience and deep dislain I let the legions thunder past I seek and draught to slake- thy thirst I go and seek -still hallow You beloved to your image thy tears surrendered Like a raindrops from heavy clouds with thunder of loneliness and volt of hatred


Strangers By: sharon gutierrez You came into my life With grace ,giving me a time to want all of you You said; let it grow naturally So I let it grow, taking off all the barrens and forgot all the shadows of the past It grows and grows With small sprout of leaves Turn into a stem, branches And into a huge bunch of tree Now the fruit is genuine love That first kiss , I could not tell or say ,whether your passion or gentleness Moved me more Moved me in a world of strangeness A world I cannot flee In a strangeness of love

I m walking searching for something finding someone

I'm walking...searching for something, finding someone I've been in a tunnel of dark ,unknown and uncertain future Bringing my courage and hope But when I reached the end Still nothing... So I keep walking and walking Bringing something That is my "Faith" At last! I found you there waiting ...smiling ~sharon gutierrez

We can tell that we re really in love when the pain is deeply penetrating in...

We can tell that we're really in love, when the pain is deeply penetrating inside the heart Not in a emotion that we are overflowed with joy~sharon gutierrez

Give me wings to fly

Give me wings to fly So I can lie at your side A one way flight And my heart shines in delight ~sharon Gutierrez

Treasure your love while still around or otherwise someone will be around ~sh...

Treasure your love while still around or otherwise someone will be around ~sharon Gutierrez

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