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Forbidden love


She no where to be found :( She mad at me . Iam working on your ride! I need info from u babe. Come on where are you.

I will do anything to see her.



It's ok she will call or text when she is ready I will wait , all I have is time. But there's only one set date that she can see me again will she be at pizza and movies and/or the family BBQ What will her heart tell her to do?

happy birthday I bet I got you the best present come pick up darlA

I love you Let it happen Love me back Let it happen

My Easter pic was a back ground of me well some of me lol My heart

I can let someone love me and care for me. But I can not love them back, as I will never give my love away to another, my love and heart belong to someone else.

THIS WAS SENT IN BY ~Cheyenne Moss Love is a connection not a obsession

Give your Forbidden love

Give your Forbidden love A Angel wing flower. She will feel like an ANGEL.


Happy Easter. Did you like my Easter pic I gave u late last night?

Promises.......are never really promises. Just embellishment to suit the time and purpose!

I love you more than you know.

I promise that I will be your friend I promise to be your best friend I promise to be your family I promise to be your lover I promise to love you I promise to love your kids as my own I promise you my heart I promise to tell you the truth and not lie, or hide from you I promise I will not cheat on you I promise to never leave you I promise to stand by your side I promise to kiss you good morning everyday I promise to kiss you goodnight everynight I promise to sleep in the same bed with you even when we fight I promise to start each day new with you I promise to only love you I can only promise you ME and not things and stuff. I love you

She don't love me. She lives with him They just had a baby She forgot all about me She moved on She let go even after she said she won't . Is it time for me to give up on my dreams and my love for her? It's all so heartbreak That makes me a dark person bc Iam lost with out her. I just want to die

Why do I go first on making promises . Iam the one who said I love you first . ( even when we dated) I don't mind Iam a leader Iam a queen. Take my hand you follow me to our happy place

Did you make a promise to yourself not to be with me again? Kind of like I promised my self not to sleep with you if Iam just going to be a fuck to you! Lets be bad and break our promise's we made to ourself, together ! New promises need to be made!

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