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Secret Love Whisper

I am so happy I got an ILU



I ONLY WANT 3 THINGS: Hug u Kiss u Love u 😘

“We accept the love we think we deserve

I can't make time fly for you.

I feel so bad for what I did how do I face him? What do I say? The day is coming soon So I whisper on here I love you and Iam so so sorry. I will never leave again!

Please show me something That this is really happen That its just not a dream I made up. Tell me to come for you Tell me your coming for me I don't want to wing it and fall on my face, knowing if Iam coming for u or your coming for me will take the stress away so I can sleep. 2sleepless night , going into a big life change with my eyes closed is scary.....

I whisper in your ear I love you. My eyes say I love you from across the room.

I have waited up so you can talk to me. Now will not sleep but will rest, just to wait for tomorrow hoping you will talk to me. I have a hard time sleeping without you, I have been resting for 14 yrs waiting to hold you again so I can sleep.

I love you honey! Are you ready to see me.

Everyone has some kind of problems , it don't stop me from loving you honey

You feel so wonderfull

I can t wait to just hold you!

I can't wait to just hold you!

I can t stand being without baby I know we hit heads a lot everyone does now...

I can't stand being without baby, I know we hit heads a lot everyone does now days. I've been so unhappy for a really long time. The only way I can make myself happy is the thought of you, or us together .i lost me when I lost you, and got sad. Your the only one I want and need in my life.. I feel so dead inside without you baby, I love u with all if my heart, you are my best friend and my soulmate.


You can t wish love away

You can't wish love away. if its true and real love it will never go away. So don't fight, give in and love!

I love you

This was sent in.. If you want Darla still you can send someone to get her for you

Out of all the ppl you know you can't get a ride! I need to know if it just or is other ppl coming wt u, so I know who to ask to do this! Your making work for this big time . Do u have any idea what's going to happen if the word got out I sent for you ! Homesless ! It's fine not like I haven't done that before... Do u really need a ride down I need to know, so I can start looking!

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