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I don't think dreams come true anymore Only my true love can make the rest of the dream come true.

You will have to live with the pain knowing you had a 2nd chance with me, and you killed your/own/my dreams...... For the rest of your life, u can't even live with the pain that u have. Or You can make or dreams come true And we both have a happy loving life together forever as one... I love u You have my permission To love me, to come for me, to have me forever Bc that's all I want in life is to be with you an have a family. Come an get me bc Iam asking you to.

Baby what does H jn Mean??? Did u send me that ???

I love you so.

I had a dream about my true love last night . It was a dream inside of a dream and we was getting back together . My dreams are visions that's comes true. It runs in my family.

Is that what happen to our dreams Your dark side took over? Is that why you broke up with me? I would like to know why we broke up, I want to know why I can't get my dreams back when Iam giving my all! .was that the dark side that sent me that email in 07 that changed both of our life's. I don't want you to ever keep anything from me ever again, I don't care if its bad or good if it hurts or kills me I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING ! Iam your best friend too so start treating me like one!

I dream of us being together forever and ever


I fall for him but he wasn t there to catch me

I fall for him but he wasn't there to catch me


I have so many dreams this week it's not funny!

I had a dream about her again last night

I had a dream about her again, last night We was out walking And she popped the big question an ask me to merry her. Then I woke up.

I dream about my true love every night.... Wishing we was together.

I like to make People think! And put the puzzle together

I like to make People think! And put the puzzle together

I had so many dreams last night good and bad mix into together , now Iam scared to go to sleep. My dreams comes real.

I want my dreams to come true so bad , I will do anything for it to happen.

I promise that I will be your friend I promise to be your best friend I promise to be your family I promise to be your lover I promise to love you I promise to love your kids as my own I promise you my heart I promise to tell you the truth and not lie, or hide from you I promise I will not cheat on you I promise to never leave you I promise to stand by your side I promise to kiss you good morning everyday I promise to kiss you goodnight everynight I promise to sleep in the same bed with you even when we fight I promise to start each day new with you I promise to only love you I can only promise you ME and not things and stuff. I love you

Will my dreams of being with my true love ever happen?

Iam inlove with you, Are you inlove with me? Let's just love! Merry me, bc I would merry you if you ask! My dreams I wish they come true!

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