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Beautiful Soul

I know God has the power to change people. I don't want to get close to him and feel like I have to change. I was born this way. -Erin Salinas

I won't let it get me down, its a new adventure and the search is the best part. -Erin Salinas

I've been praying, but my prayers have been corrupted with images that don't belong. How do I wash away something so terrible if it hasn't even happened yet? Its the thoughts that are killing me. -Aaron Salinas

Exactly how I am is what is wanted, but not for a good purpose. The only thing that makes me feel good, is that I truly did not want what I wanted. -Aaron Salinas

All you want to do is take away my innocence. Without that, I am nothing to you. -Aaron Salinas

The night is truly brighter than the day. I learned to see the sun in the night, and it is the most beautiful thing. -Erin Salinas

Wishing and Dreaming is what keeps me Hoping. -Aaron Salinas

She told me she could see that my heart and soul were beautiful. Then she told me she was blind. -Aaron Salinas

She told me I was beautiful. She saw the suffering in my eyes and the hope in my smile. -Aaron Salinas

There is still beauty left in the world, it's just very hard to see it. If you try to imagine what's behind the sun or beyond the stars, you will see that the sun doesn't blind and the stars are not far away. -Aaron Salinas

It takes more than just air and water that I need to feel alive. It is love that makes my heart beat. -Aaron Salinas

Believe that your tears can make a spark when they hit the ground. -Aaron Salinas

Having to be connected with what I've lost helps me understand what I need to gain. -Aaron Salinas

Life is discovered when you find happiness. -Aaron Salinas

Something shouldn't define you. You should find something that you define. -Aaron Salinas

A locket that's never been opened. A heart that's never been broken. A book that's never been read. A tale that's never been said. -Aaron Salinas

Look into my eyes and discover an untold story. -Aaron Salinas

With all the tears on my pillow, I can write the most beautiful story. -Aaron Salinas

Let your inner angel show by your actions of purity. -Aaron Salinas

Let him fill all those empty holes and let yourself be filled from that emptiness. -Aaron Salinas

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