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Riddles Extreme!

I am quoted, Talked about, Reviewed on, And popular, Yet It is strangers to me that do this. What am I? Ans: A Movie

I am a box with no keypads, No locks, No numbers, No password, Yet golden treasure lies Within me.... What am I? Ans: Egg

I walk when you walk. I run when you run. I jump when you jump. I move when you move. But when night comes, I leave you... What am I? Ans: Your Shadow

I tan in the summer, I shed in the Autumn, I go naked in the winter, But get fresh in the spring. What am I? Ans: A tree

I run but cannot walk. I can dribble but not spit. I can't fall but can move. I can be blown but not whistled. Yet I can be hot or cold. What am I? Ans: A nose

One strand dangles, Two strands twist, Three or more can fashion this. Ans: Braids

The more you see, the less you see. Ans: The darkness

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