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My two eye s are close

My two eye's are close Every time I close my eyes there's something wrong about it. When I do close my eye's it feel like someone is right behind me. An telling me opening opening now.

I discovered things

I discovered things I discovered hate,love ,heart broken An when I do discovered it how will I discuss this to anyone I love the most or evening hating that person for a long time. This is how I discovered thing.

Look up at the sky An you see something good about it An if you look down to the floor you will see Nothing there but you will know there something Going to bad happen.

Things are hard to say I'm scared I do not know where i belong too I'm heart broken everyday I try my best to tell someone but The person I do tell do not even understand But don't she or he wants to have any type of relationship with me Tell me now before it last for a day.

Rain fall down from the sky Drop of water won't ever stop It keeps on going unit someone will get hurt How can you even run from that tell me Because I know you do.

You can't sleep from day to night Your not eating in one day You lose control and your mind is some where else But than theres no one there for you You always have love that person But did not even knew so that person never came back for you Thing's are hard when you think everything is so easy.

Everything is hard to say

Everything is hard to say Everything always has to be a reason But I guess it's a reason for everything But sometimes it's not a reason It's just there to not be no reason.

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