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True Love

Love is not just about loving at each. In my opinion is about supporting each other, sharing sorrows, problems, conquerings, challenges and mainly planning the tomorrow projects. People, no relationship last forever (as planned) if you don't stand for that. Love is not just enough because by the time, time passes by, you realize that you can move alone without caring for your partner on the other hand you won't have had strong reason to be stuck in the same relationship without any motivation to fight for. #Ibelieve

If you break up your relationship because you got someone else that you think is better than your present make sure that soon or late you will realize and come to light that relationship can't last long because wasn't your own will ending/stopping that relationship. #Ibelieve

If you have long time looking someone to love and you have never been successful maybe you should look up inside of you.

If you find love, love.

If you want to offer more love, you don't need to think twice or more, because none thought can become original after being rethought.

Gosto do Homem que pensa como a equipe da Alemanha, sempre mudando de tacticas. A vida é assim também, quanto mais o tempo passa mais exigente ela é.

O amor de um amor também pode ser meu amor.

I respect a man who treats his woman like a queen. I respect the type of girl that tries to love a man with many flaws and broken laws but still she stands the kind girl who turns a boy into a man, a flop into a plan and I don't respect those who walk through life.

The woman that I love is pretty, dreamer, an intelligent, sage, merciful. she's a real woman yet, and she's not mine yet...

If you love someone, love him/her everyday. Accept the her/he's, remember that no one is perfect, but inside of those all imperfections we can find the purity of love...

Love is like cambial taxes, is always changing...

Call for someone's attention, you'll have it during your whole life... Albino Mandlate(Opensador)

Just say, I love you.

Loving someone automatically you love a life. Give your heart to someone and he'll give his heart. It's called reciprocity.

Girl's yours hearts look like desert, waiting for someone to wet, purify and build an eternal kingdom. Or also, waiting for someone to damage it.

Nowadays whole people talks about love, but nobody have understood it. While you are still looking for love in others, you'll fall, first look it on yourself, then next...

To say I love you is much hard than to say, I don't really care about you.

I live for love

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