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Language of Flowers

Use flower symbolism for sending messages. For example, if a man wanted to tell a woman he loved her, he would send her a cedar leaf. If she was not interested she might respond with a burdock, meaning touch me not, if his feelings was returned , she might respond with shepherd purse , meaning , i give thee my all. The 1st floral dictionary was published in 1818. Have fun sharing flower meaning back and fourth with friends and loved one on social pages , ect... Maybe your having a hard time telling someone something, slide through the flowers and meaning , and find just that right one and send it to them, (you may have to explain what flower symbolism is , when posting on social pages like Facebook, ect.) Dont see the flower, your looking for or the meaning, send it in, and h


Pomegranate My soul is yours

pomegrante is a fruit and herb.

pomegrante is a fruit and herb.


Heartsease You occupy my thoughts

Goats rue

Goats rue Reason


Gillyflower Bond of affection

Garden marigolds

Garden marigolds Sacred affection


Mallow Sweetness, kindness

Black mulberry

Black mulberry I will not survive you

Mustard seed

Mustard seed Indifference


Motherwort Secret love

White mulberry

White mulberry Wisdom


Oleander Beware


Periwinkle Sweet memories

Black poplar

Black poplar Courage

Peach blossoms

Peach blossoms My heart is thine


Pineapple You are perfect

Orange blossom

Orange blossom Bridal festivities


Nightshade Dark thoughts


Mullein Good nature


Musk Charming

Red rosebud

Red rosebud Confessions of love

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