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Julianna the rose queen

Why do we watch tv. So we can escape are minds. Be free of worries and events of the future. Yes and no we watch TV because life sucks and we got to get away. And if you forgot to pay your cable bill then..... Good luck!!

Nervous-ness makes you some crazy thing like fake an injury or fake a illness but we have to get over the fact that everyone has it and it brings out the worst and best of your abilities.....

I wonder if people in Paris wear jewelry shaped like america.

The less you try the more can't succeed.. So just get off your ass and do something.

Inspriation. A thing that not everyone has. So sprinkle it on to everyone around you..

It's odd how the scariest things are the most addicting.

When I think of him I all my worries go away even when I don't even know his name I have seen him only thrice before but I know if I could never see him I would fall apart

No matter how much you think a guy likes you there is a chance you might be wrong..

The future. The only thing that the human brain can't process. Besides for true love.

Sometimes the scariest things are the unreal products of are imagination...

Sometimes the worst thing in life is watching a fantasy and wishing it was true. Only to realize it will never happen.

When you see his face you smile When he walks by you, you light up in every way When you talk to him for the first your heart skips a beat And you know that its love at first sight.

The point in love when you stay up at night thinking of him and hoping he's doing the same.

The moment you tell your Prince Charming you love him only to realize your not his Snow White.

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