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Broken Quotes

God, Why me? Please tell me why you choose me to go through this pain? And if you're always with me, why do I feel so lonley?

Who do I turn to when I feel like the worlds against me??

Ever since I lost you , I Don't Recognize Myself because Without you , Im Incomplete ;

Can't talk to no one, no one understands me Im confused and lost , I feel so much pain and it never goes away

When you're fighting for the one you love and that person isn't fighting back for you , let them go! DONT try to force love. Dont set yourself up to get hurt even more.

Life has no instructions ; Life isnt a bitch and then you die , life is what you make it to be! Stop blaming Life for your laziness.

A broken heart can't be re-broken

You control your own happiness , and you control your own sadness ;

Learn to forgive before its too late ...

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