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Broken Quotes

Falling in love, Have you been broken? Feeling lost, Have you been found? Being Silent, Have you spoke out? After Speaking out, Were you misunderstood? No one there, But I promise, you are Not Alone!

God, Why me? Please tell me why you choose me to go through this pain? And if you're always with me, why do I feel so lonley?

Who do I turn to when I feel like the worlds against me??

Ever since I lost you , I Don't Recognize Myself because Without you , Im Incomplete ;

Can't talk to no one, no one understands me Im confused and lost , I feel so much pain and it never goes away </3 Why am I Misunderstood?

When you're fighting for the one you love and that person isn't fighting back for you , let them go! DONT try to force love. Dont set yourself up to get hurt even more.

Life has no instructions ; Life isnt a bitch and then you die , life is what you make it to be! Stop blaming Life for your laziness.

A broken heart can't be re-broken

You control your own happiness , and you control your own sadness ;

Learn to forgive before its too late ...

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