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Every story starts with a first word kick start your success today with the first push

sometimes when people leave for no reason it's because they are tired we don't just see the reasons in their actions because we are blinded by our own pride

Because people go and fail or because we've failed before is not excuse not to win it's rather a motivation_ yungnation

Dear God The Only Thing I Ask Of You Is To Hold Her When I'm Not Around When I'm Much Too Far Away We All Need That Person Who Can Be True To You

You really want to lead the way? You want me to be a good follower? Then lead me to the cross where his blood is poured out. _yungnation

Let go of that pain because no matter how fast you run that pain would run faster just strip it off - yungnation

" Realize now that when your heart breaks, you got to fight like hell to make sure you are still alive. Because you are. And that pain you feel, that's life. The confusion and fear? that's there to remind you somewhere out there is something better, and that something is worth fighting for." -yungnation

I was once asked a question by a friend she said what is it that is going to make you happy? is it how you look or the car you drive in? is it the people you know or a celebrity status? power and accomplishments? because I have all these and I don't think its enough. she said love is missing and that love could be someone or a place or a passion so where are we going to find that love she asked, but I know one way or the other we must find that love in someone or in something and be happy.

We are not the type who admits to miss you even when we do so listen to my heart beat when all my words are pure I miss you even if you don't believe_yungnation

Once in a lifetime everyone wakes up broke don't let it break you fight hard but don't break the good rules_yungnation

I'm always trying to get things I want but never scared of what I can't find_yungnation

Some hearts get broken everyday as they can't get hold of what they want_yungnation

Failure is never an option so I'm mixing my life and my freedom to win everyday_yungnation

Happiness comes it different packages I pray you discover yours soon and be happy_yungnation

I've got the sweetest lips stock with vitamin c, Buh how I'm I suppose to answer these questions running through my veins? _ yungnation

Never hate a stranger he might mean good

My eyes looks like polished silver in the eyes of my loved ones

Sometimes we hold back to spare each other's feelings_yungnation

Love is never a fairytale life that knows no pain_yungnation

On the day you wake up and have to call me I will kiss you _yungnation

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