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stop telling to quit

Why are you looking at me you have something to say time say it.

You look so lovely standing in that dress that I bought you my make my light shine I am proud of you to call you mine own.

Why do you call me babe if you don't even mean it, well hold your peace and walk away from me now.

Open your eyes and follower your dreams because dreams do come true sometimes. So dreams big

Remember me today and remember me for ever more sweetheart.

Love me now and love me forever baby and I would do the same for you.

Counting the day I can call you my own and won't be afraid to tell anyone about my love

Someday I am going to come home to you my love and here I will laid my hand on your chest' and you my love laid your head on my chest there you would feel peace in your heart

Come close to me and hold my hands because the flame s from your hands burn into my soul and heart

I am single yes I know is there something more you want to tell me. I am single because I am not given myself to any man that say I love you 'I am single because I am waiting for the right to one come in my life.

Don't ever ' tell me to quit trying' because I am not a quitter I am a fighter so stay away from me.

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