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Love and Angst quotes~

We are the vehicle that carries our souls through life.

His friend : She asked my girlfriend if it's true that your love for her won't fade away. Him : What is that supposed to mean? ''That means, she's afraid to lose you''

Judge someone so early, will break your heart.. Trust someone so early, will also break your heart..

People who like each other can fight and break up.. But people who truly love each other try not to fight that can risk their relationship..

I wasted my time thinking about you day and night, thinking bout all the things that made you left me, but what's the point? It's not like you'll ever come back..

I let you go in the past, but now, i'm stuck in the present, cause a future without you, is like i've never been born..

One day, you'll be standing infront of a spot that have so many memories and the saddest thing is thinking that, all of that are just memories..

There is no heart that could contain so much love than my heart for you..

You're like an angel who's gone and left me to go somewhere else, cause even when i call out to you, there's not even a sound that came from you, only the memories remains, reminding me, I should've cared for you once..

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