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what is love anyway?

Pie cant kill the pain

Pie cant kill the pain Ice cream cant kill the pain Cake cant kill the pain Meaning less sex cant kill the pain Nothing kills the pain of losing your true love, it kills from the inside out. My earth, my life is dead.

Sometime, ppl look like they changed, but in fact its a front, Bc they dont want you to see, they r still the same.

I always that the hit, so someone else looks better, or not crazy, I only do it for the ones i love.

Guys tell me iam pretty all kind oF age guys

Guys tell me iam pretty, all kind oF age guys. Even girls say iam pretty, So why do i think iam ugly? Maybe its because my inside not so pretty, bc of what love has done to me.


They dont like you, but they check, your page every hr.





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