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Everyone is perfect in their own way

Geronimo!! ~ The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) Allons-y!! ~ The Tenth Doctor (David Tenant)

People say life is short, but it's the longest thing we will ever experience.

A normal life is boring ~Eminem

You've got enemies? GOOD. That means you actually stood up for SOMETHING. ~Eminem

When I'm with you, I can never be wasting time

Miles between us can be counted, distance between us can be measured, but love in our heart can never be counted or measured, it's beyond everything

It's those two deep meaning full eyes which made me fall for you

Days will pass, years will go by, we know we can't hold on to anything no matter how much it means to us, our loved ones will also go

This is for everybody going through tough times, Believe me, Been there done that, But everyday above ground, Is a great day, Remember that ~Pitbull

It doesn't matter who did a bad thing to you first or who's done worse. Going online and attacking someone is not the way to do it. It is wrong, awfully wrong, if you want to solve it, speak to them privately. Actions have consequences.

Men are just like bees ,bees suck the sweetness from the flower and fly away thou how how much it hurt or how much flower cries it will go

Just seeing a cloud we can't say how much rain will fall from it, same that no one can say how much pain there is behind a smiling face.

Think of all the love affairs you had close your eyes the first face you see is the one you really love and haven't gotten out of your mind

When we love someone ,it doesn't matter how close we are, it only matters how far we can go holding each other

Players love the game, Till they quit playing, .

Wars are as pointless as two kids fighting over a seat. Whoever wins gets the best spot but it won't last long

I wonder if one day he will come back to me and say how much he loves me

True love is to fall several times with the Same person who betrayed you in love

Never indicate your love and feeling with out knowing He will catch you while your falling for him,it pains a lot when they leaves you showing their back

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