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You only ask for something if you are lacking of it. Don't ask others to appreciate you, they are not responsible about that. Appreciate yourself and fill up every insufficiency in your heart.

Dont be desperate for love, attention or appreciation. Love yourself, appreciate every little things about you, take care of yourself, then you'll never ask people to do so for you, because you don't need to ask for something that you really have.

Wisdom is the most beautiful adornment that you can wear.

Loving wisdom is the sagest thing that you can do.

I love you but I need to use the reasoning that I don't need to add another suffering in my life just because of loving you. I'm not strong, I'm not brave. I need someone who I can really rely on.

Tough times make us a better person.

Happiness is a choice.

Do what you love and love what you have to do, then life will always be fun and lovely.

Don't be stuck in the denial of change.

You wouldn't earn the people and the things that you deserve if you keep on pretending to be a different person.

You can't be honest to others if you are not honest to yourself. Because you can't give what you don't have.

Pretending to be a different person is self-destruction.

Realization is important. But without change and action afterwards, it is just a useless part of your perception.

Life is beautiful if you see through the eyes of happiness.

Whether in confusion or understanding, joy or sadness, I will be content.

Acceptance is the first step of healing.

Focus on the positive side of life. Focus on the good sides of people. Then you will live in peace.

Life is bittersweet, life doesn't conform on expectations. But you can always choose to be happy.

I have loved the stars too fondly to be afraid of the night.

Positivity is better than negativity. Optimism is better than quitting.

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