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pagan days

Dec 1

Dec 1 Kalends of December \Poseidon Festival of podeidon, Greek god of the sea and rebirth.

Nov 27

Nov 27 Goddess mounth of Cailleach ends

Nov 24

Nov,24 Celtic tree month of Ngetal ends

Nov 23

Nov 23 St. Clement's Day Marks the first day of winter in the Julian calendar . As patron saint of blacksmiths and metalworkers, Clement is an eapect of the Saxon and Norse godling Wayland the smith. At the annual blacksmiths feast at Burwash sussexold Clem was said to stand protectively abobe the tavern door.

Nov 22

Nov 22 Ydalir, the vally of Yews, under the rulership of winter time god o. Skiing and archery, ULLr . Is celebrated by all music lovers as St. Cecilia's day, Is patroness of music , an aspect of the goddess Artemis Calliste, the lily of heaven. (UI ,the rune of healing)

Nov 20 Praetextatus and paulina, guardians of the Eleusimian mysteries. In 364 c.e. they reisted the order of Christian emperor Valentinian to suppress these Greek pagan mysteries. At right is Demeter ,the presiding goddess of the mysteries

Nov 16 St. Edmund ,king of east Anglia, was killed by Danish archers and then behead .in tradition of saxon magic kingship, his severed head was guarded by wolf until it and his body where recovered and later buried. Sunset marks the beginning of Hecate Night , when the threefold goddess of wicca os celebrated.

Nov 15

Nov 15 Epyptian day

Nov 14 Moccas ST. Dubricous Was the priest who crowned king Arthur. His legend is assoiated with the celtic pig goddess Moccas.

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