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living by the moon

Moon in Pisces This is a marvelous for using your imagination and intuition and for bringing oit your psychic gifts. Its a good time for activities ,connected with charities , philanthropy, and compassion.

Moon in Scorpio This is a great opportunity to focis on your deepest feelings and discuss them with people you trust. Its timw of intense emotions so you need to guard so you neeD To guard against jealousy or suspicion.

Moon in Libra This is a time when you can concentrate on your relationships,aiming to introduce as much balance and harmony as possible. You may perfer to be with others than to be by yourself.

Moon in Aquarius A time for expressing your individuality and independence. Its good for activities connected with science and technology ,such as buying a computer,and humanitarian concerns.

Moon in Aries A good time for concentrating on personal projects, and activites for standing up for yourself,takig the lead engaging, in competitive sports or adopting a poineering, adventurous spirit.

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