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Remember when?

Remember nothing but your aim. So you can succeed.

Remember All those childhood shows you use to watch like: Bob The Builder Telytubies (ik it's spelt wrong) Tweenies

Remember when you and your best friend first met?

Remember when all you wanted was to grow up?

Remember when You didn't have to worry about friends betraying you?

Remember when Teachers weren't rude and judgemental?

Remember when Your parents use to read little kid books to you before you went to sleep?

Aprendamos A Pintar

Remember when art was as simple as painting your hand?

Remember when Girls weren't bitches and Boys weren't assholes?

Remember when Chores was so much as making your bed?

Remember when you told yourself you wouldn't wear make up?

Remember when Holding someone's hand didn't mean you were in love?

Remember when in the car and it was raining you would race the rain drops down th window?

Remember when you jumped couch to couch pretending the floor was lava?

Remember when you didn't wear make-up?

Remember when you couldn't care less about your hair?

Remember when you didn't give two shits about what you wore?

Remember when you watched innocent little kid shows?

Remember when you had your first crush?

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