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Life's sarcastic quotes

This collection is built on experiences I have myself endured or witnessed from an outside view. It puts into words what many of us would like to say but cannot muster up the courage to do so. Sarcasm is a form of "getting your own back" but in a hilarious way, it lifts your spirits and puts the one on the receiving end 'back in their place', fairly. It's a way of releasing tension and putting you on an even keel with unfair comments or criticism, many of us have been on the receiving end of this, sarcasm in the deserved context can be endearing and defuse the most awkward of situations, it's an art...

To love... can happen quite easy, to that's another matter!

Consider this...i am not concerned about what you think, i know the facts and your impression of me is a figment of your narcassistic temperament!

While youre talking about me behind my back, please feel free to bend down and kiss my ass!

Hey!! I am not lying... I wish you'd believe me! Every bad thing I said about you was the truth!

"Don't make you laugh!" Why would I attempt to perform such an impossible task you miserable git!!

Wow! Your excuse is in truth worse than the first insult I heard you say about me, so being a lady I'm going to ignore it...until I decide which face I should re-adjust!!! Have a nice day...

How dare you stand in judgement when you clearly are the making of their behaviour! Seems to me that "spoilt brat" is a title you are proud of. At least take some advice...GET IT PATENTED!!

The only torch i carry for you is the one i used to wipe you from under my shoe!!!

Smile graciously as you let the person behind you in the queue go before you...because its not out of sheer kindness to them..but for simple fact, you cant stick that smell a minute longer!!

Be a good person...Lend someone a helping hand...After they've just broken theirs on your face

Does your face hurt? Because its killing me!!

Stop making me look like a fool...I can't stand the thought of resembling you!!

If you think I'm treating you like dirt you only have yourself to blame! You taught me well....

I am not ignorant! You simply no longer exist to me...

Put more effort into it!! Well when I decide you are worth the effort I'll let you know...until then, please feel free to hold your breath!!

Thanks for the lesson... I simply could not learn about such disgraceful behaviour from anyone more qualified than yourself!

Maybe I was blunt! But I don't believe in keeping idiots in suspense!!

Hey! I never said I didn't want to talk...I just don't want to talk to you!

Shut up! God, all I needed was a bit of encouragement, insults and jibes were not part of the deal!..

Grunt? Seriously? Well thanks for the gesture of kindness but i only saw one pig in the room that day!..

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