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Life's sarcastic quotes

This collection is built on experiences I have myself endured or witnessed from an outside view. It puts into words what many of us would like to say but cannot muster up the courage to do so. Sarcasm is a form of "getting your own back" but in a hilarious way, it lifts your spirits and puts the one on the receiving end 'back in their place', fairly. It's a way of releasing tension and putting you on an even keel with unfair comments or criticism, many of us have been on the receiving end of this, sarcasm in the deserved context can be endearing and defuse the most awkward of situations, it's an art...

Go wipe your feet on someone else! This doormat no longer accepts mucky souls...

"Will you grow up!"... " Well i can't help being short!"...

Get over yourself! The only thing that agrees with you is your mirror!

Look, if I Wanted to be followed around constantly, I'd hire a stalker!

I'd never go out of my way to make you feel stupid or small...You do that all by yourself!

You should start your own business! Idiots r us!

Listen! I said I wanted a relationship, not a prison term!

I won't say stop acting like a child because that would be an insult to a child, who by the way has more maturity and intelligence that you will ever understand!

Get off your high horse, you are nothing but a low-life donkey!

Did no-one ever tell you? The Earth does Not revolve around you, you are just the waste of space around it!!!

Whoever put you on that pedestal needs help on their bad choice of character!

Maybe you should lower your tone, before I adjust the volume of my patience!!

Familiarity breeds contempt, so go be familiar with someone else and leave the contempt to me!

Contrary to popular belief, i was not born yesterday but you are the total idiot that your mouth claims you to be!!

No of course your backside don't look too big in this! Just too big for the bus that's all!

Excuse excuses! Do me a favour, lick it, stick it and send it to someone who gives a damn!

Give me a break! Your reflection repulses me so why on earth would i want the real thing?

Ignorance is bliss! Really? Well you are the epitome of ignorant and leaving you is bliss!!

Listen mate, you ain't all that! Why would i want beefburger if i can have steak??

"Im not giving you a kiss"... "I don't want your stinking kiss!, id rather be shot than poisoned!"

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