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Yeah, whatever

Anything funny that comes across our brain...whatever!

Sleeping is HUUUUUUGE, I can't believe it's still free

I'm always hungry, it's sort of my special gift!

It's spelled "I'll see if I can make it" and it's pronounced "No fucking way I'm going"

I open the door of the bridge so often I'm thinking of pulling it out

People who type "Yeap" "Hiya", "Okey dokey", "Howdy"... Do they have a condition?

That moment in which you have already asked "Come again?" three times and you are still clueless.

I must have missed the lesson about Patience in the kindergarten


When you are in a mood, people can sense it and give you an even harder time.

We all said "I owe you a birthday present". I just hope nobody took it seriously.

- Life is meant to be lived - Hey thanks! I was using it to balance the table.

Drunk people, children and leggings always tell the truth.

Happiness always awaits behind a door. The one from the fridge, for example.

I always think I'm the only idiot who listens to her own voice messages on whatsApp after sending them.

99% of what I say, sounded better in my head

To be happy you have to learn to ignore certain things... people, mainly

-Are you mad at me? typing... typing... typing... typing... typing... typing... -No

- Where can I find happiness? - Two blocks then make a left. - The food store? - Exactly.

Phone: Device used to tour the house while speaking to it.

If you drink don't drive... and don't send a message to your ex

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