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My Heart Says

Enjoy hundreds of thoughts and quotes that come from the heart, and are shared by people from all over the world. You'll find words written out of joy, pain, longing and other emotions that love produces when it touches our hearts.

I wish you would believe how much I love you and how much it hurts not having you with me

He kissed me and it was Fall. Now every Fall tastes like him.

You are more than a pretty face ;)

Listening to music is the best way of escaping from your broken heart.

I learned to love with you.

Your my one and only... By: Samantha

If you truly love someone, let them go. If you truly love someone, let them be. If you truly love someone, let them see the world. If you truly love someone, let them truly love someone they want to love.

If you want to be TOGETHER you have TO-GET-HER.

Let love bloom on its own time.

I set your name as my password, because it's something I will never forget.

Babe, I will always love you. No matter what you may think of me, I will never erase you from my heart! Loving you always

I wish I could take away all your pain and make it mine so you weren't hurt.

Girls problem: They love the ones that hurt them. Boys problem: They hurt the ones they love.💔

Love with no regret ❤️

Touch my mind, I will think. Touch my heart, I will LOVE.

A text from the right person can change everything.

You ask me why I'm so sweet my answer is you give me sugar.

Tell me the truth even if it hurts me.

I wish I was your lover.

Realationships are not exams. So why cheat?

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