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The Philosoraptor

That is...INCORRECT.

If Shakespeare is the eternal bard, why is he not alive?

Doesn't expecting the unexpected, make the unexpected, expected?

A day is one rotation of the Earth on its axis. God created the Universe in 6 days. Before he created the Earth, how did he know how long a day was?

We avoid risks in we can make it safely to death.

Do lightbulbs emit light,or suck in dark? One shall never know.

Is being dead,the same as before you were alive?

Does yelling really loud, make Oxi Clean work any better?

Philosoraptor is perplexed.

4547+12.331x87(1/92-22x4.91) =?

If actions are stronger than words,why is the pen mightier than the sword?

Which came first, the Advice? or the Dog?

Why date? When one can rape.

Even a clock that does not work, is right twice a day.

If you force sex upon a prostitute...Is it rape? Or shoplifting?

Trap, or fap? That IS the question.

If i try to lose the game and succeed..Do i win the game?

Do we see colours differently? Is my red your green? Is my blue your blue?

If Kanye can steal the mic, can Taylor really be called Swift?

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