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Sad Love Quotes For One Sided Love

Feeling rejected or mistreated?, going through a breakup or just not feeling quite as loved as you should and you want some help expressing it, well you are in luck because we are honored to bring you this evergrowing collection of sad love quotes. Enjoy!!!

You will always have a piece of my heart. For Michael

Make sure he's committed 100% before dating him because he might turn around and break your heart a few months later.

If you love me, why do you hesitate?

Smiling and saying "I'm fine" is easier than telling the truth.

I act like it's ok, even though I can't breathe.

Pain is the only thing I can feel anymore, all because of you .

Everyone is a solid rock until someone breaks your heart.

You picked my broken heart up, but it was only to shatter it yourself.

You said you loved me. You acted so well. I bowed upon thee. Now I hope you burn in hell.

That akaward moment when, you think you're important to someone... but you're not.

Denial: Just close your eyes to avoid seeing the pain.

Love is like a roller coaster: it has its ups and downs and in the end you have to move on.

I'm jealous of every other girl that has ever hugged him because for that short second, she held my entire world in her hands.

They Don t Notice Your Tears

They Don't Notice Your Tears.. They Don't Notice Your Pain... They Don't Notice Your Sadness... .... But.. They All Notice Your Mistakes....

I think about him and he s thinking about her

I think about him and he's thinking about her

I said I love you. He cheated on me. Love hurts.

Love is pain. The only way to fix it is not love.

Friends are fake, people are fake, love is fake! 💔😪

I asked you to stay, but all you could say was goodbye 😩

I wish that falling in love didn't mean falling apart 😩

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