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Holy crap! I´m a closet lesbian and a judgemental bitch, which means one thing. I have awesome gay-dar.

The only straight I am is straight-up bitch.

Did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?

[to Karofsky] Why don´t you just settle down and let Auntie Tana here tell you a little story. It´s about you. You´re what we call a "late in life" gay. You´re going to stay in the closet, get married, get drunk to have relations with your wife, have a couple kids, maybe become a state senator or a deacon, and then get caught in the men´s room tapping your foot with some paige. And you know what? I accept that about you.

Sexuality is fluid, whether you´re gay or you´re straight or you´re bisexual, you just go with the flow. - Shane McCutcheon

Rico: Yeah, you are like primo lesbian now. Marty: What is lesbian though? Really! Come on! Rico: I don´t know, you and another girl sucking face with no bras on and not because it´s my birthday? SNL

No, you don´t understand! It was like all this women packed in there, you know, and they were all like in every shape and size and they were all singing and bonding! And there were tables were you could sign like...petitions for, female, stop, and, and Suze Orman was there and she had this booth for gay mortgages and there were all this girls in athletic tank tops and I was like "Oh, my God!" "Marty" (Ellen Page - SNL)

Oh God, and there were so many cute short haircuts and wearable art and I don´t care that I don´t have make-up on! Everybody smelled so good and I was like "AAAAAHHHH!!! - "Marty" (Ellen Page - SNL)

I just felt like i was an oil lamp that´s never been lit, and now... I´m finally burning bright with sister fire. - "Marty" (Ellen Page - SNL)

oh, Why does everything have to have a freaking label! why can´t i just hug a woman with my legs in friendship! - "Marty" (Ellen Page - SNL)

Life´s too short to dance with a man!

Drag (queen) is when a man wears everything a lesbian won´t.

I have a lady boner! - Liz Feldman

God, I don´t know. She was Swedish. They all look like lesbians. You can´t tell! - Chloe Sevigny

I’M A MUFF MUNCHER!!! - Lizzy the lezzy

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don´t matter and those who matter don´t mind. - Dr Seuss

We love men. We just don´t want to see them naked. - Two Nice Girls

My mother took me to a psychiatrist when I was 15 because she thought I was a latent homosexual. There was nothing latent about it. - Amanda Bearse

Dick Cheney feels responsible for his daughter being a lesbian because growing up, she heard him say ´go f--k yourself´ so many times, she finally tried it. - Bill Maher

Jean´s a nice girl. So she likes girls and not guys. Some people like cats and not dogs. Frankly, I´d rather live with a lesbian than a cat. - Sophia, The Golden Girls

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