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Eternal Gospel and Prodigious Prayers

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 127 – “Heroism has many meanings, but the heroism that the TRUTH claims is very deep, does not adorn the heroes with blazons of the world, which are almost always immediate and transitory… Remain to know that the first ensures glories in vibratory continents far from the materialism of the world, and the second one may generate weeping and gnashing of teeth, right in the bosom of materialism, close to this plane of wars, pests and famines. Are all the yellow things gold?”

FROM THE KINGDOM OF GOD 23 – THE TRUTH THAT SETS YOU FREE is not that which is based on human concepts, which places human scientificisms, philosophisms and religionisms ahead of God, but that which has foundations in TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE and for that reason, it will pronounce ABSOLUTE JUDGEMENT on the deeds of each one.

FROM THE KINGDOM OF GOD 20 – Argue whoever wants to, but the TRUTH will never change, and without harmonizing with It, no one will ever achieve, within himself or in the INNER KINGDOM, the UNION WITH THE DIVINE ESSENCE, to enjoy, participating in the DIVINE STATE, the Glory of counting on spiritual amplitudes, at this time buried in his own SELF.

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 168 –“To truly pray is not to pray in any way; but to despise the PRAYER, to say it is useless or dispensable is something that no rational man should do; because who prays and does it purely, turns himself into a filter of God.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 167 – “The PRAYER is a way of penetrating with the MIND in the superior planes of LIFE, to harvest and then distribute, even after taking great benefits from it. Who wishes to measure the importance of the PRAYER, observes who REALLY PRAYS, with the eyes of the spirit or out of the flesh. It is not a matter of hypothesis, it is a fact.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 166 – “Surpass the so called WISDOM OF THE SPHINX, because REVELATION revealed that, as an initiatic symbol, to the people of many of thousands years ago. After the Pentecost, the generalization of the Revelation, the duty is to leave the symbols aside to speed up the entrance in the adoration in SPIRIT AND TRUTH.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 165 – “Cogitate on this Wisdom: to distinguish what the CREATOR is; to distinguish what the CREATION is; to distinguish what is more UNITED to the CREATOR. Now, brother and friend in Origin, Evolutive Process and Sacred Finality, with the needed care, enter in the field of work, because, to UNITE is the FINALITY, and to work WELL is the RIGHT MEASURE.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 164 – “No one eats, drinks, wears shoes and clothes or uses the PRAYER for such purposes; but no one will be able to place those realities in the place of the PRAYER. Everything that is not God Himself, is certainly relative, and cannot be valid for all purposes. The wisdom stays in correctly use the right element or resource, at the right time and for the right finality. The TRUTH is not simulation and does not need it to be represented.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 163 – “There is a lot of difference between a pure act of GOODNESS and the intent of buying the DIVINE JUSTICE with it. There is a lot of difference between acting well for the liking of it, or do something good just to be in evidence and fatten pride and vanity.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 162 – “Many are the means to force the MIND regarding the linking, whether with the erratic planes or with the intimate vibratory conditions of the Creation; but the acts of GOODNESS, where LOVE is filtered, supplant them all.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 161 – “Both in the carnal planes and in the spiritual planes, the spirit lives immersed in dense elements, in more or less thick fluids and energies. The higher one achieves in the evolution scale or in the christifying journey, the more one will achieve the superior vibratory continents; and one day he will have to be ABSOLUTELY United with the Creating Principle.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 160 – “The fable says that a donkey said to its owner that the earth and its derivates, the Sun and its benefic elements and the air and its gifts do not make any difference among the animals. Praised be the donkey of the fable, to a certain extent.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 159 – “The proverb that says that it is better to be small among the great than to be great among the small is still valid; but the ideal is to be simple and humble, considerate and progressive, whenever possible.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 158 – “The fools, when they believe they are masters of doctrine, they prove to be fools by saying that certain truths are very profound, and for this reason they prefer to stay with the Gospel. Who did teach you to blaspheme so against the Gospel? Who did say to you that you know well the lessons of the Gospel?”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 157 – “The DIVINE UBIQUITY is the law that facilitates the extensions of the spirit; and the more the spirit grows, the more he will know what it means. And, to intend discerning this without first living it, it is thing for fools.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 156 – “Make yourself united with Me so that, being Me united with the Father, We form just one unity”, taught the Christ, and We know well, what it is to be united with Him, the Father, to live the DIVINE UBIQUITY!”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 155 – “Everything and everyone is plunged in the DIVINE ESSENCE; everything is a question of going through the matter and the thick layer of fluids and of inferior energies to achieve the CELESTIAL COMMUNION! This is what the spirit CHRISTIFICATION is.”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 154 – “To use well everything that is of the Creation, to transform all in tools of good use is not idolatry. Idolatry is to place the matter before the spirit; it is to subject the spirit to ritualisms and gymnastic with intention to adore God; it is to intend that formalisms and formulisms can persuade the DIVINE JUSTICE. Be also very careful with commercialisms in the name of the DOCTRINE!”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 153 – “In the cultivation of REVELATION, of MEDIUMSHIP, anyone can see that the Great Spirits wish TRUTH, LOVE and VIRTUE, while the inferior ones claim formalisms, and even impose conditions and childish, ridiculous and even repulsive subjections. Spiritism is not only mediumship!”

CONDENSED CHAPTERS 136 – “The PRUDENCE, wherever it actually is, will not endorse mediocrity nor the ridiculous; Jesus did not accept the request of a man, blind from birth, who asked HIM to be an Apostle, and made that the rich young man, on his own, realized his incapability to serve as an apostle. Did you understand? However, everybody will be PURE and WISE one day.”

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