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The Light of Joy This is a household-type of spell that you use to reduce any tension that is becoming a problem and bringing in some happiness for the whole family (it works with roommates too). •4 candles, in all different colors •1 pink candle •A handful of fresh basil •Large piece of clear quartz •Sandalwood incense You can do this spell on your altar but setting it up in a central place of the house is a better idea. Arrange the 5 candles in a circle. Set the crystal in the center, and then pile the basil leaves on top of it. Then light the candles. Light the incense, and carry it through all the main rooms of the house. Take your time and let the smoke spread out. Once you've done that, return the incense to the place with the candles, and let everything continue to burn until out on their own. You should find that the tension and conflict should lift very soon.

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