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A Financial Flame You don't get too many candle spells for money, so I thought this would be a good spot for one. Your materials for this spell are: •2 candles, one gold and one green •Patchouli incense •Pine incense •Several acorns •Piece of paper On the bottom of each candle, carve the rune Fehu (show on the right). Set them up in candle holders across from each other. Set the patchouli incense up next to the gold candle, and the pine beside the green one. Light everything and get the incense smoking. Draw another Fehu on the piece of paper, and put your acorns on top. If you can't get acorns, smooth stones would work in their place. Both represent wealth and Earth energy in spells. Let the candles both burn down until they are completely done, and leave the acorns or stones out on the altar until some extra money comes your way.

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